Sanders sweeps Maine counties; Cruz takes all but two

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won majorities from Democratic caucus voters in every county around Maine Sunday, one day after Republican caucus voters in all but two counties preferred Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to billionaire Donald Trump.

Here’s a look at the numbers, county-by-county.

The Republican race

The race still has four leading contenders who have all said they’d support Trump as the nominee, but are staying in the race precisely to fight that result. Both Trump and Cruz visited Maine before voting Saturday.

Cruz took all but Knox and Aroostook counties in voting Saturday, but Trump had narrow victories there while Cruz held large margins in certain parts of the state.

Cruz’s widest margin was in Penobscot County, where he won 63 percent of the vote, to Trump’s 24 percent.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio put up a weak fight in Maine, losing to Ohio Gov. John Kasich in all but Franklin and Androscoggin counties. Kasich picked up two national delegates in Maine, but is far behind Rubio, who’s racked up four times the delegates.

The candidates move on Tuesday to primary voting in Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi.

The Democratic race

Sanders’ win in the two-way race with Maine voters gives him wins in the three northern New England states, including his home state of Vermont.

Party officials have not released the number of national delegates each candidate will receive, as the final allocation will be based on vote shares in each congressional district and the statewide share of votes. Sanders has less than half the total delegates of Clinton, who’s expected to receive votes from almost all of the party’s unpledged delegates, called superdelegates.

Of delegates determined by primary or caucus votes, Clinton has racked up 672 to Sanders’ 477, after Maine’s voting Sunday.

Sanders had the narrowest lead in Aroostook County, where he held a 10-point margin, according to totals Monday morning.

After record turnout Sunday, results from some precincts were still coming in Monday, according to tallies from the Democratic Party.

The candidates move on to primary voting Tuesday in Michigan and Mississippi.

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