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Maine government purchasing power slips

Total state tax collections remained near the highest levels since the recession in the third quarter of last year, but the Pew Charitable Trusts found Maine was among 30 states where state taxes receipts remained below pre-recession levels. The analysis aims to show how the recovery has panned out for state coffers, showing that, collectively, states have 2.5 cents more on every dollar […]

If you want to make money on state construction projects, install elevators

As the governor on Monday announced about $470 million in capital projects, the Department of Labor on Tuesday issued its wage requirements for certain jobs. The prevailing wage figures from the DOL are assessed for each individual state contract worth more than $50,000. They vary by the location of the project, but the statewide averages reflected below give a sense of how […]

Whereas Maine and New Brunswick have signed an agreement to promote their mutual interests

The text of the three-page agreement signed in Woodstock, New Brunswick, by Gov. Paul LePage and New Brunswick Premier David Alward came my way this morning, laying out in more detail the terms of the pact that the state’s top international trade official said “is a starting point in terms of negotiations and prioritizing for the future.” Here’s what […]

Moody’s issues report on Maine’s finances, what led to outlook upgrade

Moody’s Investors Service has released a more detailed look at why it upgraded Maine’s credit outlook from negative to stable, citing a steadying economy, consistent state revenues and curbed spending for education and health care. The Moody’s report cites private sector job gains as a sign that the state’s economy is recuperating, though at a pace that is slower than the national […]

Political donors in Maine’s gubernatorial race most often work for [blank]

For contributors to Maine’s gubernatorial races, the most popular place to work is (drum roll)… nowhere. At least, that’s what we know from campaign finance disclosures. Below is a look at campaign contributions to the three front-runners — through the last reporting period ended May 27 — by the “employer” field in the contribution disclosures (note that the […]

[UPDATED] Showing you the money: Where gov race candidates got their cash in Maine and beyond

Want to know where Maine’s 2014 gubernatorial candidates filled up their campaign coffers? The data visualizations to follow will give a look at where in the state and elsewhere in the country candidates are raising the most, following on the latest campaign finance filings submitted before a deadline Tuesday night. Since most of the direct contributions to candidates […]

Minimum wage hike targeted in radio ads to run in Maine this week

The Washington, D.C.-based Employment Policies Institute plans to bring its fight against raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10, up from $7.25, to Maine through a radio ad campaign this week, according to a press release from the group. The public policy think tank — started by restaurant industry lobbyist and founder of Berman and Co., Richard Berman — said […]