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Snowfall counter: Deeper than a tulip is tall

By Monday afternoon, Grand Lake Stream ended up with the state’s top snowfall reading, by a particularly precise preliminary reading. The Washington County plantation posted snowfall of 10.1 inches by about 4 p.m., as many areas around the state recorded about 8-10 inches during the storm that passed through the state on the second day of spring. The bulk of the storm hit coastal communities, […]

East Sangerville tops two-day snowfall total before big chill

Southern Piscataquis County towns logged the most snowfall over the storm that crossed the state Monday and Tuesday, according to National Weather Service totals. That inland portion of the state got the later portion of the storm, getting as much as 9.6 inches in East Sangerville, overtaking towns along the coast and Downeast. By Tuesday morning, East Machias had the top […]

Snowfall counter: Patten takes lead with 18 inches of new snow

The Penobscot County town of Patten overtook Amity — the snowfall leader as of Wednesday morning — for recorded snowfall during the storm from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning. Patten got 18 inches of new snow. Take a look below at snowfall totals by weather station for the storm started Tuesday night. Maine had the highest average reported snowfall across all stations reporting […]

Snowfall counter: Southern Maine puts points on the board

The storm Tuesday made sure all of Maine didn’t go without a sizable reminder that winter still happens. As the storm moves northward, the first snowfall totals for much of the southern half of the state came through weather stations in the region. The map below shows the latest 24-hour snowfall totals reported out of weather stations around the state. The reports are most current for […]

Data: A few Maine towns have gotten some Sasquatch-sized snowfall

This winter, the snow has come fast and deep through the Northeast. While it’s obvious that in Maine, in winter, it’s going to snow, it doesn’t make digging out your car or plowing the dooryard any more fun. And in a few towns, that has meant getting through a mound of snow piling up about as tall as your average Sasquatch […]